Wednesday, January 17, 2018

After a few trips in Morocco I can say that I found the best way to see Morocco Mustafa who helped
me plan the route in choosing the best hotels, he was close to us throughout the trip gave us the flexibility that allowed all members of the group to enjoy. This trip enabled us to combine finding roots, synagogues, houses where our parents lived, visiting the immediate homes of our relatives, and discovering the amazing Morocco, unlike an organized trip at our own pace.

In addition, we have discovered great places to eat, restaurants with authentic food and tasty not to miss the tuna fish in Casablanca, and for those who love there is also an amazing "casino" near El Jadida.

For those who love photography, this is paradise, the pictures of the Saharan markets.

In conclusion If you are interested in a different experience and not standard with a personal and special attitude go to the site and start planning your trip to Morocco.